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April 8, 2008
Jo is our host this week and she came up with a really good assignment. This is what she says………
 ‘I want to know about your first ‘celebrity’ crush. You know, the one you fancied from that band, or that film, or who read the news, or who won Gold at the Olympics.

Did you have their pictures on your wall or in your locker?

Did you dress like them, style or colour your hair like them, follow them, meet them, marry them? (It could happen.)

Photos of THEM would be good, photos of YOU at the time you liked them would be even better.

Also, if you have time, I’d like to know whether they had any influence over your life, the person you became, or if they were just an embarrassing blip you would kind of rather forget about’.

Remember Lesley Crowther?



  I know, weird, huh? I remember thinking he had the lovliest face I’d ever seen (apart from my very pretty Mum) I loved his smile and the fact he was tall and looked so much more handsome than the little squirt he worked alongside…

  I have a l-o-n-g list of blokes I had a crush on when I was in my teens, but at 7 years of age, Leslie did it for me!