Motivation Monday

The jobhunting was a success. I start at a brand new Montessori School in September AND a part-time Classroom Assistant course in Sept, too!  (More in my next post!)

Here are this weeks motivationals…

  • Go to bed before 11pm Sun-Thurs
  • Have no ironing to do by Friday
  • Visit friend who had a baby last week and do her housework
  • Replace toilet seats
  • Finish last weeks Monday Motivation List!


  1. 1
    chrisb Says:

    Well at least you have one crossed off your list that’s more than I can say for mine~ I do have a couple half done !

  2. 2
    Jan Says:

    Good for you, regarding the new postiton(s).

  3. Congratulations! Are you just unlucky with toilet seats?

  4. 4

    Chrisb~ I always start off with good intentions!

    Jan~ Thanks, can’t wait…

    motl~ The kids can’t even use the loo without breaking the damn things ! 😆

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