Back to reality

Barcelona was great. The shopping wore me out more than the dancing and drinking!

 Back to reality now and the washing machine is back on non-stop, washing is out on the line (weather great here in Ireland) the floors have been swept and mopped, clothes picked up off the floor in all bedrooms, grass cut, children bathed/showered and fridge cleaned!

Life is good…. 




  1. 1
    chrisb Says:

    Do we get to see any photos of the trip!

  2. 2
    earthpal Says:

    Welcome back sweetie. Glad you had fun. xx

  3. 3

    Glad you had fun!! I love the new header picture!

  4. Well thank God you managed to get the fridge cleaned. Did you pick up another child in Barcelona? There’s five up there.

  5. 5
    babybull40 Says:

    Glad you had fun.. we missed you…

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