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  I haven’t had a lot to blog about recently. I visit my friends blogs, but I’ve been struggling to come up with much. Remember a long time ago I posted about the cyst in my neck? Well, I saw my consultant again today and I don’t need to go back to him for six months. I had a fine needle aspiration last week and the results were in my favour.

 Bossy finishes school tomorrow and starts college in September! Where do the years go? Pencil came first in some of the games in the school Sports Day and Belle had a very good school report. I’ll get the other two reports tomorrow.

 Spud has finished playschool and goes to Montessori in September. He’ll start ‘Big School’ September ’09. What will I do with meself?

 Chef is 43 tomorrow but we wont be doing anything exciting. He’s working his @rse off for the next big racing event at the Curragh, so we’ll go out for dinner one night when that’s over.

Here’s my Motivation Monday (as invented by Autumn Rose)

  • Get those bloody weeds out of the front garden before they take over again
  • Book a table for Chef and me in the local Chinese restaurant.
  • Clean the inside of my car
  • Organise Belle’s 7th birthday party
  • Get a plasterer to fix the wall in the lounge!

Have a great week…



  1. 1
    earthpal Says:

    Yep, where did those years go? I can’t believe it’s almost the end of another school year.

    Hugs to all. Get that Chinese meal booked!

  2. Hi there – great to find another irish blogger (ok – english living in Ireland, so that is good enough for me!).

    Saw your comment on Antique Mommy and followed you here.

    Off to check of some of your many links.

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