Menu Planner Monday


Monday~ Homemade vegetable and chicken soup with crusty rolls

Tuesday~ Salmon fingers with croquettes potato, rice and peas

Wednesday~Beef casserole and herb dumplings

Thursday~ Spaghetti bolognese

Friday~ Chipper

Saturday~ Homemade pizza

Sunday~ Roast chicken, roast/mash potatoes, carrot and turnip mash, peas, bread sauce and gravy

More menu planners here


  1. 1
    zhisou Says:

    Can I come round on Thursday? And Wednesday? and the other days? I’ll bring wine …

  2. 3
    zhisou Says:

    only the best in chez zhisou

  3. 4
    ejenne Says:

    Hey, how’ve you been?

  4. Salut Missionheart,

    Just dropping in to say hello or should that be bonsoir. It’s been a long time (2007). Have now re-discovered thr joys of blogging!!.

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