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Organizing Skills..

December 13, 2006

  I used to have organizing skills, then hubby bought a computer. I logged on and now find it difficult to log off! There are so many things to blog about and so many interesting blogs to view. The internet is a vast informative area and it’s so easy to spend hour upon hour looking into it. The problem here is, it’s taking up too much of my time and my housework is beginning to suffer!

 So, I must crack on with my housewifey duties.  Until then, check out Santa


Ex-smoker here

October 11, 2006

ceilingmural.jpg I never thought being a smoker could ever look this bad, but it does! Sorry to those of you who enjoy a ciggie,,,,,


July 13, 2006

Hello. My name is Miss Lionheart and I am a computer resfiles_output.gif 

   Phew! Now, there, I said it. Denial was the problem, as always. Now I can move on with my life…….

 I’m spending too much time here on my *** and need to go off and do the things a good wife and 38 year old mother of 4 should be doing:wink:

 Last night after being on this demon for 2 and a half hours, No. 2 said, “Mummy! You never spend time with us any more!” Well, I felt ashamed. I finished chatting to a friend on MSN and came right off. The children will always come first.

 So, today I have a plan. I will do all the housework that needs to be done and take them out for a walk. It’s a lovely day here, the sun is shining and its lovely and warm. So why would I want to be here anyway (bear with me, I’m trying to convince myself there are better things than blogging!)

      I’ll put together a picnic and we will do the Riverside Walk. I’ll leave the car at home rather than drive there and conveniently leave it somewhere close for a quick escape back to Blogland.

 Breaking news……..Sophie Ellis Bextor found headbutted to death in the apartment of a French footballer.Apparently it was murder on Zidanes floor……..  

Then when we come home, I’ll prepare dinner on the patio and we’ll boogie on the decking! They’ll love that…