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Advantages of sleeping with the Chef

September 27, 2007

  He spoils me. A couple of times a year, Chef will take me on a shopping spree. Today was one of those days. I really don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, unless I’m on my own. I like to browse alone in silence. I never try anything on. I’ll pick straight from the rack, pay and go. I suppose I’m lucky that what I chose, generally fits anyway. 

 But today, the first shop we came across was this one. Le Creuset. I’d rather go wild in here than in any other shop…

Here’s what Chef bought for me ( as well as clothes which I’ll be’ modelling’ before I start the dinner)

Just what I need to cook the casseroles and stews

I found this book last week

And cooking this tonight. The Menu Planner has been neglected again!

Well, I thought I was cooking that . I went upstairs to ‘model’ a few pieces and when I came down for his approval, this is what I saw….

Oy! My rack has been destroyed! He was so hungry and I was too slow…

And nothing goes to waste!

Beef Stew

September 26, 2007

   Chef asked for lambs liver and onions for dinner, but he won’t be home till late, so I  told him he was going to get suggested he could have something from the pan when he comes home. “Beef stew?”  I asked….”Ok, nice”…

 Just as well really, I have so many vegetables here to use up.

Simmering nicely and will be ready at 9.30pm


Chef said it was just right… 10/10 and a gold star!  Please e-mail me if you would like the recipe.