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July 2, 2007


 The party was a success, even though I cancelled the Bouncy Castle, the girls had fun and the weather was lovely. She was singing this last night. She’d been called up to sing it on the school radio on the morning of her birthday. I thought I’d find it on Youtube.

Spending her birthday money in Ladybird…

Wow! Is this the real Belle?

  We were at Hubby’s ‘End of Derby Dinner’ last night. A celebration of all the hard work the chefs and other staff put into the Derby. All paid for by the company he works for. Which is nice!

  So England has gone smoke-free. Earthpal mentions it here. I’m delighted. It’s worked well over here for the past couple of years. It makes a big difference to us when we eat out, although Hubby is a smoker, it hasn’t bothered him to have to go outside a pub or restaurant for a smoke. Some pubs have a covered smoking area outside, anyway.

    I have a great big pile of books given to me by a neighbour and I’m now attempting to read ‘P.S. I love You’ by Cecelia Ahern. I’m on chapter three already which is amazing, because usually, after a few pages, if I don’t like what I see, I start another! It’s a lovely book so far and easy to read.

  I need to re-organised my cupboards this week and I have to use up some things before I go shopping again. I only use two cupboards for food, and right now they are full of items such as rice, noodles and pasta.

 So, here’s the plan~

  • Monday~Pasta Carbonara
  • Tuesday~Vegetable stir-fry
  • Wednesday~Mild chicken curry
  • Thursday~Pasta Quills with tomato and roasted vegetable sauce
  • Friday ~Mc.Donalds
  • Saturday~Not sure!
  • Sunday~Sunday roast

 We also have an egg mountain, so it’s egg for breakfast every morning till they’re gone. Look at other MPM’s here

I’m cooling down on the blogging for a while this week. I need to catch up on a few things at home, so I’ll be here a bit less. See you Wednesday!

Please call back……..

I want one!

May 12, 2007

The iPod 

 iPod in DockI’m not exactly sure what it is, but I want one. I want to be hip, up-to-date and cool…

This link here will keep you busy for a little while, I found lots of interesting stuff there. I also fell on this which I also find interesting. It made me wonder just how long blogging will be a craze. How long will I blog for? How many years? Will I always want to blog? Mmm… I wonder.

  I love blogging and learning how to do things by trial and error. The one thing I’ve struggled with though, is wrapping text around a pic. Well lookie here! I did it without even trying.

While you are waiting…

April 11, 2007

  ……..for my daily post, I thought I’d link you up to a few blogs I’ve been reading.

 I took pics of  ‘Pencil’ a couple of weeks ago, making pizza…

It was a lovely day!

April 8, 2007

 We had a great day yesterday. We packed a picnic and headed off to a lake in the next town. The children loved feeding the swans and ducks, (my eldest was nibbling on stale croissants while she thought I wasn’t looking!)

  Then we went to a playground in Kildare town.

Through the Curragh Plains on the way home as the night was drawing in….

The week so far…

January 10, 2007

 ~Monday Menu Planner  was going great guns (on  Monday) but it all changed for different reasons. Not a bad thing though, I’m gradually using the stuff in my fridge which I would normally let go to waste. And slowly cleaning the fridge shelves, too!

 Quack quack!

~Santa promised me a new car for Christmas. Still waiting…. His ‘helper’ told me today that it will be here tomorrow! Yay! I’ve been using Hubby’s for the last three days because he’s been going into work with his brother. Here is what my new baby will look like. Click Zafira . This was the only black one I could find on the web, so with an Irish registration plate and without the stickers, that’s what ‘she’ll’ look like!  I promise to you all here and now, that neither I, nor the children will ever, ever, ever, ever eat in my new mean machine!

~I received a brilliant C.D. as part of my Chris cringle on Christmas day. Wasn’t too impressed when I opened it, really. But as you read this, or maybe a little later, I am listening to ‘Scarborough Fair’. It’s one of the best pieces of harmonizing ever.  The Essential Simon & Garfunkel.

Get it!

 ~Some of you may know that I run the local ‘Carers and Toddler Group’. Well, I really do enjoy it. For a few reasons. Firstly, as an English girl  lady  woman  whatever, I think I should help the community and do my bit. Secondly, I have always enjoyed being involved in anything going on! Thirdly, I just love the attention it brings! Todays group was the first this year and it was great to see everyone again after the Christmas holidays.

~Slowly but surely, my ironing mountain is diminishing! I seem to be able to handle the boring task more easily nowadays. Setting myself the target of one hour a day with the iron has really worked. If I do two hours, then I don’t iron the next day. It’s easy!

We’re cookin’ on gas!

December 29, 2006


  We’re here in the kitchen cooking some of the party food for tomorrow night’s party. No.1 is cleaning mushrooms for the vol-au-vent filling and No.2 is looking for an apron then she will be chopping mushrooms. The vol-au-vents are rising nicely and my 2yr old son is pre-occupied with a life-size Bob the Builder (don’t ask) 

   The girls are loving this! It’s not often I let them cook the hot stuff, I tend to be on edge if there’s any form of heat involved. 

  The sherry trifle is cooling down….

Not again!

December 27, 2006


 We were watching T.V. last night (myself and the children) and the bloody darn Christmas tree lights blew. There was a run of about 20 lights left to decorate a 7ft tree. 

 So, plan of action…

 Strip the tree and tweak the lights before Hubs gets home from work. Taking everything off the tree was easy enough, the kids loved that bit. Taking the 4 sets of lights off without getting them tangled together was a nightmare. That was 5pm yesterday, the lights are still in the kitchen wrapped around the kitchen chairs awaiting a tweak…

Crafty, eh?

December 19, 2006


 Have a look in Rocks in My Drier. The links on this page are well worth a browse. I’m inspired to start to ‘craft’, maybe in the New Year. Do any of you have a New Years’ Resolution list yet? Although, maybe you want to get Christmas out of the way before you think about it!

 BTW Thimble is my fave!


December 13, 2006

Please note the change on ‘Favourite Blogs’ Babybull has a new haircut and a new blog!

foe_logo2.gif And Earthie has been blogging for England

I hit 10,000!

December 7, 2006


 Thankyou to everyone who visits and comes back again. I do this for you!