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Cheer up for Gods sake!

June 20, 2007

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 The dishwasher eventually died today, so I’m more depressed than ever. I have a full dishwasher of dirty pots, pans and cutlery etc. as well as all of today’s stuff sitting staring at me from around the corner.  So, I’m firstly trying to find a way to cheer myself up and secondly, motivate myself to move from here and ‘get to it!’

 Blogging always cheers me up! I love to visit many many blogs for ideas. I check out layouts, themes, topics, gadgets and gizmos. If only I had a very good reason for spending a whole day doing this, I’d drop everything. Unfortunately, life’s not like that.

 Thanks to Mamalee  for allowing me to steal snag this piece of fine art without even knowing.

 Babybull has a meme which I thought would be fun to do.


Maybe I should……: clean the oven

I love……:my children, my husband, my family and my best friend

People would say that I’m…..: VERY, VERY funny (sorry ‘caps on’)

I don’t understand…..:politics

When I wake up in the morning…..:I wish I didn’t have to

I lost…..:a stone recently

Life is full of…..:challenges

My past is…..:something I would change just a little

I get annoyed when…..:my husband puts his phone on ‘silent’ when he’s in the pub

Parties are…..:no fun without me

I wish…..:I could give my Mum a big hug

Dogs ….: are faithful companions

Cats…..:poo in my garden

Tomorrow…..:never comes, although it did yesterday

I have a low tolerance…..:with litterbugs

If I had a million dollars…..:I would go straight to the bank and change it for Euros


 Hubby has just walked in,. I asked him to take a quick look at the dishwasher (as he should) and guess what? He re-programmed it, turned it back to ‘on’ and HEY PRESTO… H2O flows! Doncha just hate it when that happens.?.. Actually, no! More time to blog!

I want one!

May 12, 2007

The iPod 

 iPod in DockI’m not exactly sure what it is, but I want one. I want to be hip, up-to-date and cool…

This link here will keep you busy for a little while, I found lots of interesting stuff there. I also fell on this which I also find interesting. It made me wonder just how long blogging will be a craze. How long will I blog for? How many years? Will I always want to blog? Mmm… I wonder.

  I love blogging and learning how to do things by trial and error. The one thing I’ve struggled with though, is wrapping text around a pic. Well lookie here! I did it without even trying.

Not for the faint-hearted!

January 26, 2007

    I am getting a little behind in the bedroom cleaning/tidying department. All I can think of right now, is where do I start? No.3 has decided she wants to move into No.2’s old bedroom. So she moved all her clothes and toys in there. No.2 has also put all of No.4’s toys and my ironing on the floor. It’s like a bombsite.

(I’m off to take  pics, brb)

No.3’s ‘new’ bedroom

 Just a little of my ironing…



No.2’s ‘new’ bedroom

 Shock! Horror!


 No.1’s bedroom. I didn’t take ‘before’ pics, but believe me, this is the best transformation! She decided she wanted her top bunk brought down (must take the bars off!)

~Looks like I have a ‘Tackle it Weekend’.  winking.gif

~Back to the Lazy Organiser


December 28, 2006


 The tree looks great! Hubs came home, saw the tree from the car and smiled from ear to ear. It was all worthwhile.

 I was lucky enough to get 3 new sets of lights for 30 euro. I took some pics (Santa brought me a digital camera) but the flash was too bright. I’ll try again tonight on this page..

The camera has so many settings, bear with me!

Crafty, eh?

December 19, 2006


 Have a look in Rocks in My Drier. The links on this page are well worth a browse. I’m inspired to start to ‘craft’, maybe in the New Year. Do any of you have a New Years’ Resolution list yet? Although, maybe you want to get Christmas out of the way before you think about it!

 BTW Thimble is my fave!

Bit of Fun

December 15, 2006


And for anyone who missed this , click Santa

Oops, trying to fix this…..


December 13, 2006

Please note the change on ‘Favourite Blogs’ Babybull has a new haircut and a new blog!

foe_logo2.gif And Earthie has been blogging for England

I hit 10,000!

December 7, 2006


 Thankyou to everyone who visits and comes back again. I do this for you!


October 20, 2006


 *I wish I’d have had my camera this morning. My little boy (now 2) devoured a little pot of yogurt. He stuck his face in it and came up with a very messy complexion and a big grin. These are the moments I cherish. The pic here is a few months ago when he decided to look a little further into the dishwasher.

* I was wondering whether to do a full entry on ‘Why I Blog’  but then decided to add it here and keep it short.

I blog to de-clutter my head, to make friends, to keep in touch with friends, to pass my free-time, to learn about myself and to keep a diary of things which have happened…


*Plans for the rest of the day:

1. Get a shower

2. Feed myself and No.4 child

3. Go to the butchers

4. Collect No.3 child

5. Prepare vegetables for dinner

6. Collect No’s 1 and 2 from school

7. Tidy all bedrooms

8. Take No.1 to Drama class

9. Finish preparing dinner

10. Get No. 3 ready for Irish dancing

11. Collect No.1 from her class

12. Feed all children

13. Go to Irish Dancing class 6.30pm -9pm

14. Come home via off-licence for beer and wine

      ‘Hooray, it’s the weekend!’ 8_9_23.gif

Edit; Change of plan. We went to chip shop on the way home! Will tidy the bedrooms today ….

I’m having a chat with you!

October 7, 2006

  I had a great shower tonight!  I have been soo-o busy today, and was well ready for it. Click here for the gel I used!  It was the most refreshing shower I have had since the power-shower in Prague. The shower gel I used there was Clarins and left my skin soft for weeks.  

  I’ve had the house painted this week, so I spent most of the day putting everything back into place, so the house smells fresh and clean too! When we bought the place, the walls only had an undercoat so you can imagine how grubby it got  after two years and six household members!  The new paint is ivory and its ‘wipe-clean’ (necessary with little ones)

  What do you tell your child if he/she asks you to honestly answer the question….“Is Father Christmas real?”  That’s the question I’m waiting for from No.1 who will be 11 years of age just before Christmas. She’s growing up so fast. I can’t remember what age I was when I realised he was ‘pretend’.  I might just tell her to ‘Believe and recieve!’

 Its my youngest’s birthday next Saturday, he’ll be two! I can’t believe it, seems like just yesterday I was screaming to the Receptionist at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, that I wasn’t fit to “fill in the bloody form”….he was on the way, no time for formalities! He’s into Bob the Builder at the moment, so along with his wooden tool kit, he’ll be a happy bunny. I’m taking him and his little friends to The Playbarn in Johnstown, did I tell you? 

 I got rid of the computer desk today, it was far too big for the kitchen. I went to P.C. World and bought a little desk for 40 euro! Great value…..till I got it home to assemble it!  Took me two hours to do steps 1 & 2! I gave up after that (and a bottle of my faithfull bottle of German wine) So tonight I finished it and I’m tapping away on it right now.

 I’m still listening to James Blunt. He’s downloaded in my library! So, when I log on, I can turn him on straight away….:lol: