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December 10, 2006


 Isn’t Clarice Bean cool? I’m hoping Santa brings lots of books for the children this year. There’s such a wide variety of them. But, in particular, I’m drawn to Clarice. The childrens reviews I’ve read are good, and the illustrations are excellent! She reminds me of Pippi Longstocking. Remember her? 

  My eldest loves Mary-Kate and Ashley, the next one is reading  the Judy Moody series (our local bookshop is offering ‘buy one get one free’…yay!)

 Now, my next one is a problem! She has the attention span of a pea. So, I’ll bring her to Easons on Monday, and let her peruse the 5-8yrs section and see what she looks at for longer than three seconds, then Santas little helper will no doubt put them in her stocking!

 The boy is a doddle to buy books for. He has the Bob The Builder annual (the one I bought at the Christmas Fair last week for half price, it was closing time!) He already has the mini box collection of Bobs machine team, which is so tatty, it needs replacing. So any Bob book for him will do!

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