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Here goes…

January 1, 2009

new-leafIt’s day one and I’m still in bed. I’ve coughed so hard I may have pulled something. It’s so painful.

I know I’ve woken Chef a few times during the night, he’s had to be up by 5.30 each morning to go to work.

I’m following the Flylady’s Beginner BabySteps How hard can it be? If I stick to one small task per day, surely things will get easier in the home and I’ll have a good schedule by the end of the month.


And a good cleaner!

Not for the faint-hearted!

January 26, 2007

    I am getting a little behind in the bedroom cleaning/tidying department. All I can think of right now, is where do I start? No.3 has decided she wants to move into No.2’s old bedroom. So she moved all her clothes and toys in there. No.2 has also put all of No.4’s toys and my ironing on the floor. It’s like a bombsite.

(I’m off to take  pics, brb)

No.3’s ‘new’ bedroom

 Just a little of my ironing…



No.2’s ‘new’ bedroom

 Shock! Horror!


 No.1’s bedroom. I didn’t take ‘before’ pics, but believe me, this is the best transformation! She decided she wanted her top bunk brought down (must take the bars off!)

~Looks like I have a ‘Tackle it Weekend’.  winking.gif

~Back to the Lazy Organiser

Tackling clutter

January 15, 2007

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 My cupboards have  always been full of clutter. But, I must admit, that my New Years’ Resolution of de-cluttering is on the move, albeit a bit slow.


 I have a terrible habit of putting things into the nearest place, rather than the most practical place. So the clutter builds up. I tackled it, much to the pleasure of my 4 children, who during the cleaning-out process, found a place to hide!

 Two up-two down…

Eventually, after much frivolity, the task was completed…

 How long will it stay like this?



January 14, 2007

It’s always good to get the children involved with the recycling. Today we are going to the bottle bank, tomorrow we are going to the recycling centre which is two mins from our house. I intend to make this a regular ‘outing’ this year. (Spoilt brats, aren’t they!)

   Although we do have a  recycling bin which we pay for, it’s only collected once a fortnight, by which time I can hardly close it.  So, off to the recycling centre we go! The children help by having their own items to sort out into the right areas. Tetra packs, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper….

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little flowers

Things don’t always go according to plan

January 13, 2007

And my Menu Planner Monday was one of them! Great idea in theory…

  But, I still do feel that the catering side is much improved, the food bill was about 20 euro less than normal, because all the fresh ingredients used this week were already in the fridge and nothing was thrown in the bin. So, result!

 Tonight I’m cooking Pea & Ham Broth. A recipe my husband passed onto me, although, I added carrots. Threw them in while he wasn’t looking! Yesterday, I bought a box of marrowfat peas and soaked them overnight. (I remember my Mum doing this every now and again)


There is one of those salt tablets in there!

   I fried the onion and garlic in a little oil, added the peas and ham and just covered it all with vegetable stock. Boiled it up and simmered for an hour……

                             Then I added the carrots and it’s still simmering…..pea-ham-broth-004.jpg

Whilst waiting for the broth to thicken, I took a look in my cupboards an saw what I really should Tackle on Tuesday.


The shame…

          ……..and the floor needs a good clean, too.

 I meanwhile have a pic of my little boy asleep on the kitchen table! Wordless Wednesday there, then!

 Broth ready.

 I ate this, added more salt to the pan and had another!