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Here goes…

January 1, 2009

new-leafIt’s day one and I’m still in bed. I’ve coughed so hard I may have pulled something. It’s so painful.

I know I’ve woken Chef a few times during the night, he’s had to be up by 5.30 each morning to go to work.

I’m following the Flylady’s Beginner BabySteps How hard can it be? If I stick to one small task per day, surely things will get easier in the home and I’ll have a good schedule by the end of the month.


And a good cleaner!

Taking it easy

April 7, 2007

               Enough of all that organising! Having a rest today, I’ll  be here for a while surfing and blog-hopping until the children ask , “What are we doing today?” (Must put parcel tape over their mouths!)

  I would have loved to have gone away this weekend, but hubby only has Sunday off. Who would have fed him? A few days in Donegal would have gone down well. My sisters invited me over to England for a couple of nights next week, but as some of you may know, I mind a little boy full-time, and couldn’t go.

  I pulled out of the organising challenge over at Organising Junkie for a couple of reasons. The first, the weather is just too good to be inside de-cluttering, if I’m outside in the garden or playing/walking with the children I feel better and happier and the house is staying tidy if we aren’t in it. Secondly, I should do that stuff when the children are in school and I can get stuck in without any interference!

  Reading Scorched Earth last night brought back memories of my Mum at Easter time. We were always given the biggest and best eggs at Easter,the kind you only dream of! Until we got older where she would just give us the money in a card. I’m not a big chocolate person, anyway although wine and chocolate do go very well together!

smart-703858.jpgA pet hate of mine is to see childrens bikes, scooters and prams littering the estate. So, before we go off each day, even if it’s only to the shop or for a little walk, we’ll bring ours into the garden. I mean, I would hate for anyone to accuse us of being messy!

Go here for more Smart Habitters!

Enjoy your day!

Tackle It Tuesday

January 29, 2007

                        Tackle It Tuesday Meme


 My laundry room is the pits! I have several areas in the house which need attention, but thought I should work on this one first. For the simple reason, I can’t open the door properly! It’s a very small room and needs to be kept clutter-free! Looks like a big job, but only took me half an hour!

Tackling clutter

January 15, 2007

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 My cupboards have  always been full of clutter. But, I must admit, that my New Years’ Resolution of de-cluttering is on the move, albeit a bit slow.


 I have a terrible habit of putting things into the nearest place, rather than the most practical place. So the clutter builds up. I tackled it, much to the pleasure of my 4 children, who during the cleaning-out process, found a place to hide!

 Two up-two down…

Eventually, after much frivolity, the task was completed…

 How long will it stay like this?


Tackle it Tuesday

November 21, 2006

Seems to be all the rage in America! Well, I need to tackle so many things today. Little Boys room was still not ready to move into at the weekend, in fact, the room looks worse than when I actually started it. So, in my own true style…I’ll leave it!

 Instead, I’m going to give my car a clean-out then take it to be washed. That itself is a great task for me. My car has only been spotless once, the day I bought it.

 I look around the house and think ‘Must do that soon, must clear that out soon, must take that to the recycling tomorrow’ so much to do, so little time. I tried very hard last week to become more organised, but it’s not as easy as I imagined! So, I’ll try again this week. If I do get the car done today, it will be a start! 

Here goes…

November 16, 2006

 I’ve set myself a deadline because I need to have more self-discipline. I have today and today only, to organise the room which is to be my little boys bedroom at the weekend.  So, I am psyching myself up as I sit here to start it at 12pm. The boys’ will be in my room with lots of toys to play with and the girls will watch a ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley’ dvd we rented last night. I will have three bags to filter the laundry through. ‘On the shelf’ ‘Charity’ and ‘Throw out’. All clothes which haven’t been worn in the past six months will be removed from the premises!…….

Taking a break

November 7, 2006

I’m having a well earned coffee break after de-cluttering all the rooms upstairs. Now I’m  about to tackle the highest pile of ironing ever in the world. I could be some time…..