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Housework is healthy

January 2, 2007


 I was looking at Shirley Buxtons blog and thought I would be doing you all a favour by passing on some important info.  Housework and Breast Cancer opened my eyes and I thought ‘Even more reason to keep on top of the housework!’

My fridge needs a clearout!

December 15, 2006


 I try to give my fridge/freezer a good weekly clearout, but it never happens. So, today is the day.

 Tips from hubby: From top shelf to bottom

*Cooked and ready to eat food

*Jars and sauces

*Bottles and juices


*Raw meat sealed

 There’s something that niggles me if I see it in another persons fridge…  half empty/full jars. I just want to put the contents into  little plastic containers. I try not to keep scraps on a plate or leftovers. If they aren’t eaten on the day, the scraps are given to Cookie, the local waste disposal feline.

  I don’t keep anything in the trays in the door, everything is inside the fridge right in front of me.

 There’s something exciting about opening an organised, freshly cleaned  fridge, especially when it contains a few treats for the children at the weekend. Wine and chocolate for Mummy, too!

…And of course beers for Daddy!      special.gif       

Mums only!

December 9, 2006


I’ve organised a Christmas Party for the Mums at the Toddler group I run. So, tonight, while you all wish I was blogging with you, I shall be eating and drinking with 15 other women on the loose!

I’ll be thinking about you too!

Tackle it Tuesday

November 21, 2006

Seems to be all the rage in America! Well, I need to tackle so many things today. Little Boys room was still not ready to move into at the weekend, in fact, the room looks worse than when I actually started it. So, in my own true style…I’ll leave it!

 Instead, I’m going to give my car a clean-out then take it to be washed. That itself is a great task for me. My car has only been spotless once, the day I bought it.

 I look around the house and think ‘Must do that soon, must clear that out soon, must take that to the recycling tomorrow’ so much to do, so little time. I tried very hard last week to become more organised, but it’s not as easy as I imagined! So, I’ll try again this week. If I do get the car done today, it will be a start! 


August 1, 2006


I’ve done it again, the second time in a week. The black sock which was stuck inside the washing machine drum has destroyed my husbands normally brilliant white , chefs jackets. These jackets incidently, are less than three weeks old, cost 40 euro apiece and have his name embroidered on the breast….Mr Bloggs ‘Executive Head Chef’. He’s still in England….