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I need your support…

February 3, 2007


  In 1993 I lost my youngest brother to epilepsy. Mark was 25 and enjoying life to the full (as you can imagine). He suffered from Nocturnal Epilepsy  i.e. had fits in his sleep. His last fit killed him. Mark was the youngest of eight of my brothers and sisters. My parents were still alive.

 As a special tribute to Mark, and my parents I would like to donate one euro for every comment made here for the next week to Epilepsy Bereaved.

Thankyou all so much.


July 14, 2006


Over the past ten years or so, I have done lots of things for charity. I am involved with Epilepsy Bereaved

and Cancer Research. I have now decided to be more aware of animal needs as well as humans. So today, I have adopted a dolphin

Just one problem….where do I put it?