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Friday Ramble

April 13, 2007

It’s Friday 13th! Are you superstitious? I’m not.

  At last! After 18 months of trying to set up a Residents Association, I’m finally getting somewhere. Ever tried to do it yourself? I tell ye, it’s a nightmare and very frustrating to get a couple of people interested in ‘acting on issues which need to be addressed’… sound important, don’t I?

 Well, the fact is, when the builder left the estate (i.e. after he was paid for each house!) he didn’t finish a couple of things. There is no lighting to the entrance of the estate, the grounds aren’t being maintained and there is no nameplate to tell people what the estate is called.

 Last night, I called a meeting and eleven people showed! Yay! We discussed the particulars and more.. I delegated a job for each resident and arranged a follow-up meeting.



~I’m loving the new song by Amy Winehouse ‘Valerie’. I much prefer her version than The Zutons. I also think Take That’s ‘Shine’ is great.

 My 5yr old is beside me writing the alphabet. When she doesn’t know the next letter, she sings Barney’s Alphabet Song! It’s taken her about 15 mins to get to ‘m’…

 It’s another sunny, warm day here in Ireland, I’ll do an hour of ironing then take the children out for the afternoon. I got a copy of the ‘Liffeyside walks in Kilcullen’, may check it out.

 In an effort to put a smile on my 11yr old’s face, I wrote her a little note and left it in the fridge

Where she’d find it!