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A couple of meme’s….

January 25, 2008
How many times per day do you usually laugh?
~Many, I’ll count my laughs today and come back…
What do your sunglasses look like?
~A cheap version of Ray Ban Aviaters. Although I paid 32 euro for them, they aren’t so cheap
You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?
~North America on the American Orient Express

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.

~The friendliness of the Irish! I’ve lived here for almost five years and would never move back to England.

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?

~Lilac with silvery sparkly bits

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Day four

January 4, 2008


When was the last time you received a surprise in the mail, and what was it?
This morning. A new phone, I lost my mobile phone just before Christmas, and suspect I have a lot of messages to reply to! It was a surprise how soon it arrived….
If you could have a summer and/or winter home, where would you want it to be?
A Winter home in any warm country would be nice
Pick one: pineapple, orange, banana, apple, cherry.

Main Course
Describe the nicest piece of clothing that you own.

A crocheted evening jacket. I paid a fortune for it in a sale and get lots of compliments each time I wear it

If you could forget one whole day from your life, which day would you choose to wipe from your memory?

The day my brother died

Fridays Feast

November 30, 2007

What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

When I was younger, The Umbrellas was the only ride I enjoyed. Nowadays, you’d be lucky to find me riding in a Teacup with the children 

How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

I don’t come across many, although when I was in England in the Summer, I had to take Spud to Casualty with a possible broken finger. While we were waiting, a man pulled down his trousers in front of eveyone in the waiting room. Shortly after that a man was brought in wearing handcuffs and then two drunken men staggered in drinking beer. One had a black eye. I was shaking like a leaf. Petrified. I had all four children with me and Chef was in Ireland!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

 6 ~ I’m recently beginning to wonder whether God really exists (in a positive way) I’d love a chat to someone about Him, not too heavy, though! Maybe I need Him back in my life? Anyone?

Main Course
Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

 No, and I’m suffering with a heavy cold and sore throat right now

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?

 I watch snippets of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and back-to-back cookery programmes. on UKTV Food. Rick Stein, Barefoot Contessa, Market Kitchen etc. while I do the ironing. It’s the only way to get through it!

Have great weekend…


Fridays Feast 165

October 19, 2007

If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?

I’d be a Red Setter. (They’re lively and frisky, aren’t they?)


What does the color purple make you think of?

Whoopi Godberg and Cadburys chocolate wrappers

Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?

Half an hour if I shower, 15 mins if I don’t

Main Course
How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them?

I have a lot of cousins, but I’m only close to one. He’s so much like my brothers!

Take your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter)

 I don’t have a middle name, so I’ll use my confirmation name

Chocolate And Beer !

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Fridays Feast

September 28, 2007

How are you today?

I’m very well, thankyou!

Name 3 television shows you watch on a regular basis.

I don’t watch any regular TV  although I do enjoy The Barefoot Contessa, Masterchef Goes Large and Homes Under The Hammer.  I wouldn’t watch them every day.

What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?

Oh my God! I was petrified when we went to Blizzard Beach, Florida in June. The rain was so heavy and the lightening was so close. I met a lady called Jessie who calmed us all down (apart from Chef who thought the whole thing was hilarious)  The girls were hysterical and Spud kept his head under my armpit for a whole hour not daring to look.

Main Course
If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be?

England, in my best friends bed (if her husband is still away….or not, maybe) It would be so funny to see her face when she wakes up! She would do that pig-snorting thing she does whenever I make her laugh.

What do you usually wear to sleep?

I wear different things depending on Chefs mood…   I like to wear my floral fleecy Dunnes Stores pyjama bottoms with a secret support top for one week a month. The rest of the month I wear little nighties.