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Mums only!

December 9, 2006


I’ve organised a Christmas Party for the Mums at the Toddler group I run. So, tonight, while you all wish I was blogging with you, I shall be eating and drinking with 15 other women on the loose!

I’ll be thinking about you too!


November 1, 2006

cheerleader3.gif I’m always chuffed when I hit a grand. I would like to think these hits are people returning, though! Thanks to my friends and passers-by….

Chatting with Babybull, Maria, Mo and Artbag!

October 25, 2006


For some reason, I am unable to add my ‘new friends’ blog to my ‘Favourite Blogs’ so until I do, please go to it via TCP!!!

My song for the month!

October 3, 2006



Earthpal has brainwashed me! Click here for a great song…..

Mums and Tums

September 7, 2006


  I call the Toddler group Mums and Tums for no other reason than I said it by accident one day and it stuck. I help run the Toddler Group in the village at the Parish Centre. Its a great hall with good facilities in a lovely setting beside our church.

 The groups Chief Whip was out of action today, so it was left to myself to open the hall, set up the stall and roll the ball………

 It’s a very popular group and children come from all around the area, not just locally.

 Last year we spent 2,000 euro on toys, games, C.D.’s books etc.  Each Mum/Carer pays 2 euro for the morning which includes refreshments..

 I’ve been going since my youngest was 2 weeks old and he’ll be two next month. It has been a great place to meet other Mums and I’ve got to know loads of people!

 Just one problem, today it was too busy! In fact it was bedlam, so noisy that some people left early….

 Just a few stragglers were left to sing and dance with the little ones.

 “If you’re happy and you know it…..

 oh, whatever!..


August 31, 2006


Go to my previous post called ‘FUN’. Its a great game to while away the hours we all seem to have to spare!……..

(note my ‘High Score’ and try to beat it!)


August 8, 2006


 Its my Father-in-Laws 81st birthday today. So, when I have done my usual mundane household chores, we will head off for Dublin to his house and meet up with all the family. My Hubby is the eldest of eleven children. All will be there bar one…she lives in London and works for the BBC. We all chipped in to buy him a new plasma T.V. screen for his new conservatory. He will be delighted! 😆


July 15, 2006

Tidy-up time today. We did some litter-picking yesterday, its amazing how easily bags can be filled with sweet wrappers and crisp bags! Today we have put flyers in all the neighbours letter-boxes ‘inviting’ them to help! The local photographer is away in Mayo, so I’ll be taking photos to put into the local mag, ‘The Bridge’. Refreshments will be available and it will be a good time to chat to everyone and see the new baby at number 19!  Hopefully, the children will get some sort of enjoyment from it , too!


July 12, 2006


July 9, 2006


An Tearmann is close to where I live. It is a meeting place! Everyone knows everyone there. When I first moved here, I went in for a bite to eat and felt so welcome. I have visited the cafe every Wednesday for lunch after the Mums and Toddlers group which I help to run.