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Pumpkin Recycling

October 31, 2007

  We had a cousin for a sleepover on Sunday, she’d never tasted pumpkin soup, so here’s us carving and cooking….


Belle created a face with monkey nuts!

I got another!

October 20, 2007


Thanks to Hootin’ Anni for this. Take a look at her blog. Do you think she likes Hallowe’en? Hehe

For me?

October 18, 2007

Thankyou so much Ms Cellania for this lovely treat. Doesn’t it look lovely against my theme! She was given this by Hootin’ Anni. Thanks ladies.


October 31, 2006


 HWSBO and the children are on their way home from Dublin. They’ve been ‘Trick-or Treating’ on Grandma’s road. This is another annual event where all her grandchildren meet up to party! My Mother in Law always does a good job decorating her house, while Grandad (who is a ‘few’ years older) makes himself scarce and keeps a low profile!

87 hits short of the Big 7,000!

Friday again?

October 27, 2006

Where did the last seven days go? It just flew. Usually, the girls would be at their Irish dancing class tonight, but its the school Hallowe’en Disco too and a family party at their cousins house. Guess what they would rather do!

witch_and_moon1.gifSo, today I have to put together three outfits they’ll be happy with. Not an easy task for the eldest who’s conscious of her appearance 



 Where are you when you are blogging? Work? Home? The library? I’m in the corner of my kitchen. My little haven! Any spare minute I get, I come here with a cup of coffee, or five, and blog or hop till I feel the need to do the housework/feed the children/go to the loo…

(Must get a cleaner!)


September 26, 2006


HalloweenKidsA%2Ejpg Spooky!

  I found a couple of great websites for kids at Hallowe’en. Costumes, makeup, games etc. I’ll try a few of these with the children, they are already looking forward to Hallowe’en and have decided what they want to dress up as!

 Wh-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-0!  ttghost.gif