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Housework is healthy

January 2, 2007


 I was looking at Shirley Buxtons blog and thought I would be doing you all a favour by passing on some important info.  Housework and Breast Cancer opened my eyes and I thought ‘Even more reason to keep on top of the housework!’


July 1, 2006

 I have just spent 24 hours in an Irish hospital with my son. I thought the British National Health was in a mess! I entered Tallaght Hospital in Dublin at 3.30pm on Thursday, made my way down to Childrens A&E and was horrified to see the rows of patients on trolleys. One or two looked a little ‘high’…….

 I dont know who was more embarrassed, me or the sea of patients.

 I didn’t have to wait long at all for D to be seen and the staff were, on the whole, very good. After checking his bloods and urine which were clear, a chest x-ray showed an infection so we were admitted overnight for observation. Luckily, I am covered with private health insurance, so we had our own little room with T.V.  D was monitored every 3 hours for his temperature which had been very high when we arrived.

   The point here is that when we were discharged yesterday, the same people were on the trolleys and more.;

MARY Mary Harney


June 21, 2006

Around this time of year, with the Anniversary of the death of my Mum and brother, I always start to wonder WHY were they taken from me? I have spoken to a friend of mine in Canada at  length on this and all she can say is that there was a reason, God has His reasons. Well sorry, thats not enough for me.

 My brother died in his sleep. He had nocturnal epilepsy, had a fit and choked. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer which spread rapidly and she passed away six weeks later. We are a large, close family of ten and we all suffered badly. So does anyone have a more convincing answer as to why these two great people were taken? 


June 18, 2006

I am suffering badly with hayfever this ‘Summer’. I never had it when I was in England, I can honestly say that the day we arrived in Ireland, my eyes started to itch and watered. I thought it was an eye infection till I visited the Doctor and she said it was hayfever and then charged me 45 euro. Should have realised and saved me money!