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The Curragh Races and a dog!

April 16, 2007

 The Curragh Races was great fun for the children, as always. They spent an hour in the playground, had their faces painted, even Spud had shamrock painted on his cheek. They went on the bouncy castles and had cornettos. We also had lunch in the Champagne Bar! Posh, eh! I had a Caesar Salad and the others had fries, Seafood Chowder and a Smoked Chicken and bacon Caesar Salad. I had a glass of white wine and lemonade (driving) and the girls had diet coke, Spud had his beloved milk.

 We got great close ups of the horses at the Starting Line. The jockey here, winking at me is J.A.Heffernan. He rode Vox Populi in the last race…


And even met two of the jockeys!


On the way home, we picked up a stray and named him ‘Tiny’


 The poor little thing was so grubby. His bottom fur was mangled with poo, his eyes were all gungy and he was so hungry. I have vowed I will keep him till his owner shows or till we find a new home for him. He’s a cute little lamb dog and I’d love to have him, but it’s not the perfect situation with 4/5 children and holiday care to think about…



July 16, 2006

     newphotos.jpg chris-de-burgh-and-daughter.jpg gallery6.jpg

 Its not every day you bump into Chris de Burgh and Miss World in the same day! Just met them at lunchtime at the Curragh racecourse,  outside while I was waiting for He Who Should Be Obeyed to hand over the shopping money outside his workplace!   I frantically searched for a piece of paper, and after a little chat to each of them (Mrs de Burgh smiling in background) they signed autographs…middle pic.

 There was a little old lady standing beside us singing “Lady in Red……..”  How many times has he heard THAT , I thought. Oh God, I hope they didn’t think she was with me!