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Here goes…

January 1, 2009

new-leafIt’s day one and I’m still in bed. I’ve coughed so hard I may have pulled something. It’s so painful.

I know I’ve woken Chef a few times during the night, he’s had to be up by 5.30 each morning to go to work.

I’m following the Flylady’s Beginner BabySteps How hard can it be? If I stick to one small task per day, surely things will get easier in the home and I’ll have a good schedule by the end of the month.


And a good cleaner!

Day one

January 1, 2008
I hope the New Year is going well for you, mine can only get better!
 I’m determined to keep on top of the housework this year (again) and as I sit here, Chef has gone off to his brothers for the afternoon with the four children, leaving me to get things done. I’ve a mountain of washing to get through, floors to wash and the oven to clean before I can put the beef in for dinner, and it’s after 4pm!

Tackle it Tuesday

September 25, 2007

“I’ll be back!”….

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Works for Me

July 18, 2007


There are many housework tasks I put off, but I’ve found a product that really helps me do the two most boring jobs in the world. Cleaning the microwave and the fridge. It’s called Dr.Beckmann ‘Rescue’  . My fridge stank of prawns, but after taking out the shelves and cleaning it with Rescue, the odour went straight away. It cleaned the microwave no problem. Check out their website  

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Housework will wait…

March 29, 2007

I’m getting fed up with housework, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy the better weather! My front garden has been sitting half done for six weeks, still with a garden trowel sticking in the soil from where I left off. The girls have a half day tommorrow before their two week Easter holidays 😯 I hope the weather stays fine so they can play outside all day and leave me to get on with it. The back garden needs lots of work. The decking has to be re-stained and I’d love to put up some trellis on the back fencing to grow more climbers, maybe honeysuckle and more clematis.


~May 2006~

Watch this space!

Not for the faint-hearted!

January 26, 2007

    I am getting a little behind in the bedroom cleaning/tidying department. All I can think of right now, is where do I start? No.3 has decided she wants to move into No.2’s old bedroom. So she moved all her clothes and toys in there. No.2 has also put all of No.4’s toys and my ironing on the floor. It’s like a bombsite.

(I’m off to take  pics, brb)

No.3’s ‘new’ bedroom

 Just a little of my ironing…



No.2’s ‘new’ bedroom

 Shock! Horror!


 No.1’s bedroom. I didn’t take ‘before’ pics, but believe me, this is the best transformation! She decided she wanted her top bunk brought down (must take the bars off!)

~Looks like I have a ‘Tackle it Weekend’.  winking.gif

~Back to the Lazy Organiser

I’ll try this today

January 11, 2007

 I’m not a domesticated godess, but, I do like the house to appear in some sort of clean and tidy order.

 I have Creative Homemaking on my links and look at it for a few minutes a day to get me into the ‘inspired’ mode! Here’s a way to get the children involved in tidy-up-time! I’ll put it into practice this afternoon to see if it actually works. The eldest one could catch on that it’s a ‘trick’!

I’m on a mission

January 3, 2007

tackle.gif On a Wednesday!

 I’m doing some serious cleaning today. Hubs is home, so I’m hoping he might take ours off for a few hours. I’ve done my homework and I’ll be cleaning bathrooms. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. An hour of ironing, too and I’ll be happy!


p.s. I can’t believe I’m saying all this!

Bear with me!

January 2, 2007

 I’ll be trying a few themes and layouts over the next few weeks, until I find one I want to stick with for a while. So until that time, please be patient with me!

 My plan to do an hour of ironing yesterday, turned out to be two hours! I’ll still do more today though. It’s a vicious circle in this house. Anyway, the pile is lower and my energy levels are higher, so no excuse there.

 We’re off to see ‘Mother Goose’  tomorrow night with Hubs’ Aunt and Uncle and a whole bunch of relatives. It’s Auntie M’s annual treat for her extended  family. (Not short of a bob or two) So it should be fun, especially for my youngest girl who is 5 and never been to a panto before!


 I’ve added a gardening blog onto my links. This is because one of my New Years Resolutions is to sort mine out!

My fridge needs a clearout!

December 15, 2006


 I try to give my fridge/freezer a good weekly clearout, but it never happens. So, today is the day.

 Tips from hubby: From top shelf to bottom

*Cooked and ready to eat food

*Jars and sauces

*Bottles and juices


*Raw meat sealed

 There’s something that niggles me if I see it in another persons fridge…  half empty/full jars. I just want to put the contents into  little plastic containers. I try not to keep scraps on a plate or leftovers. If they aren’t eaten on the day, the scraps are given to Cookie, the local waste disposal feline.

  I don’t keep anything in the trays in the door, everything is inside the fridge right in front of me.

 There’s something exciting about opening an organised, freshly cleaned  fridge, especially when it contains a few treats for the children at the weekend. Wine and chocolate for Mummy, too!

…And of course beers for Daddy!      special.gif