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Man and Boy

December 17, 2006

 I love this pic. I asked Santa for another camera because my son put my digital one in the bath! I’ve missed it so much. All those moments I’ve been unable to capture since he decided it needed a good wash!

The Robster

September 28, 2006


  Rob, you dissappointed me…..BIG STYLE. I kept my ticket in all good faith, you told me you would come up with the goods later this year. The panic attack?  Methinks not……

I’m such a softie!

September 17, 2006


 I’m listening to one of my favourite tracks of all time, on one of my favourite C.D.’s of all time. The C.D. ‘The Best Irish Album in the World…Ever’   I cry every time I hear the song, ‘Carrickfergus’ sung by Brian Kennedy. His voice is so passionate. He represented Ireland at this years  Eurovision Song Contest. 

 And Sharon Shannons ‘Songbird’ brings back very happy memories of being with Mum and my bestest friend…