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January 6, 2007

For the last three years, I’ve been wanting to see Riverdance with the girls. So, I’ve set another goal for this year. View film clip…

Resolution 4,251 ~See Riverdance!

Bragging? Me?

December 2, 2006

 irish2.jpg Last night was the Class Feis in the school. And the girls did very well. No.1 got a first. I was actually surprised at that by the way. Her competitors were wearing the full Irish dance costumes with the wigs and a touch of lippy! She wore shorts and a t-shirt (as instructed by her teacher) She was also awarded four seconds. No.3 (age 5) got a first prize trophy which she just could not believe! And four medals. The look on her face was a picture, well it would have been if I’d have had camera with me (remember No.4 put it down the toilet? or was in in the bath? no that was my phone)

Another competition!

November 30, 2006


  No1 and No.3 both have an Irish dancing competition tomorrow night. The Christmas Féis  is more of a display/show of how the students are doing. The great thing is, all of them get medals or trophies however well they do. It’s a way of boosting their confidence, especially the little ones. The look on their faces when the results are read out is brilliant to watch!

Irish Dancing Champ!

November 26, 2006


 My eldest daughter entered her most important Irish dancing competition yesterday and came home with two First Prize trophies and two Third Prize medals. 

 ‘The South Leinster Figure Dance Championships 2006’ was attended by 850 students, so we were thrilled to be placed at all, let alone do so well. Many of these children have been dancing since they were toddlers, my daughter has been dancing for three and a half years, she’s eleven next month.

 She has one more dance today, hope she wins again!  

Update: She got a Silver medal, her team came second!


October 20, 2006


 *I wish I’d have had my camera this morning. My little boy (now 2) devoured a little pot of yogurt. He stuck his face in it and came up with a very messy complexion and a big grin. These are the moments I cherish. The pic here is a few months ago when he decided to look a little further into the dishwasher.

* I was wondering whether to do a full entry on ‘Why I Blog’  but then decided to add it here and keep it short.

I blog to de-clutter my head, to make friends, to keep in touch with friends, to pass my free-time, to learn about myself and to keep a diary of things which have happened…


*Plans for the rest of the day:

1. Get a shower

2. Feed myself and No.4 child

3. Go to the butchers

4. Collect No.3 child

5. Prepare vegetables for dinner

6. Collect No’s 1 and 2 from school

7. Tidy all bedrooms

8. Take No.1 to Drama class

9. Finish preparing dinner

10. Get No. 3 ready for Irish dancing

11. Collect No.1 from her class

12. Feed all children

13. Go to Irish Dancing class 6.30pm -9pm

14. Come home via off-licence for beer and wine

      ‘Hooray, it’s the weekend!’ 8_9_23.gif

Edit; Change of plan. We went to chip shop on the way home! Will tidy the bedrooms today ….

10 years of Riverdance

October 15, 2006

 It was just a fluke that I blogged about Michael Flatley this weekend, because today, the Riverdance team celebrate ten successful years of Irish Dance shows. It all started during the interval of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. I remember it so well. Myself and HWSBO were watching it and were absolutely ‘gobsmacked’ at the whole event! It was the best ad for Irish Dancing EVER!  Click diddly-dee for a look at that special moment….