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July 12, 2006


 Today, tens of thousands of Orangemen and supporters are set to attend Northern Ireland’s Twelfth of July parades.

 The largest demonstration of the day will be in Belfast and there will be 17 main venues across six counties.

 The Independent Orange Order demonstration will be in Portrush in County Antrim.

 Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams said:

 “I would once again appeal to people over the coming days, in spite of provocation and in spite of the continued insistence of the Orange Order to march in areas where they are clearly not welcome, to remain calm”


July 9, 2006

I’m managing a V.I.P. lunch tomorrow in Dalkey, Co.Dublin at the home of the South African Ambassador. She is entertaining the full cast of ‘Queen at the Ballet’

 Her next-door-neighbour is Mr.Bono. She invites her neighbours to most events held at her home, so I would be chuffed if I even caught a glimpse of ‘yer man’…..


July 1, 2006

 I have just spent 24 hours in an Irish hospital with my son. I thought the British National Health was in a mess! I entered Tallaght Hospital in Dublin at 3.30pm on Thursday, made my way down to Childrens A&E and was horrified to see the rows of patients on trolleys. One or two looked a little ‘high’…….

 I dont know who was more embarrassed, me or the sea of patients.

 I didn’t have to wait long at all for D to be seen and the staff were, on the whole, very good. After checking his bloods and urine which were clear, a chest x-ray showed an infection so we were admitted overnight for observation. Luckily, I am covered with private health insurance, so we had our own little room with T.V.  D was monitored every 3 hours for his temperature which had been very high when we arrived.

   The point here is that when we were discharged yesterday, the same people were on the trolleys and more.;

MARY Mary Harney


June 28, 2006

Brian Meehan

Yesterday, Brian Meehan began his appeal against his conviction for the murder of Veronica Guerin.

I dont watch many films, but this one was brilliant.