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Menu Plan Monday

February 18, 2008

I’m making  a few soups this week, starting with Minestrone, as suggested by 

Monday~ Minestrone with a twist….
Tuesday~Day Off (Bossy’s Confirmation, eating out)
Saturday~Cream of Cauliflower / Cream of Chicken
Sunday~ Got to have a Sunday Lunch!

Take it or leave it

January 28, 2008



*  *  *

Mon~A Secret Recipe served with lamb Cutlets (all will be revealed later!)

Tues~Spud Special Soup with fresh soda bread

 Wed~Quick Greek Pasta Salad With Steak

Thurs~Full Irish Breakfast (using leftovers. I need to clear the fridge out!)

Fri~Bindis Noodle Salad

Sat Lunch~Spiced Winter Broth with Chunky Vegetables  and  Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Sat Dinner~Spaghetti Bolognese

Sunday~ Traditional Roast Sunday Lunch

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Menu Planner Monday

August 19, 2007

Smilies This week, I’ll be trying  a few new ideas from other blogs and websites.

Sunday~Pasta Bake for me and the children (Hubby working)

Monday~Ciabatta Pizzas (pics to follow)

Tuesday~Beccy’s Burgers

Wednesday~Chicken with 40 cloves of Garlic

Thursday~Nic’s Tuna Casserole

Friday~Delias Ragout of Lamb

Saturday~The Chipper Family Day on the Green (I’ll tell you more next week!)

Sunday~ He’s cooking!

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Menu and more…

June 25, 2007

New banner=new ideas!

  • Monday~ Sirloin steak, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts and petit pois
  • Tuesday~Tortellini with ricotta and spinach
  • Wednesday~Cheese and Ham Omelette
  • Thursday~Beef Stir-fry with noodles
  • Friday~Chipper!

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  Well, we have another birthday here this week. Belle will be 6 on Friday. The party is on Saturday, so I’ll be busy baking and getting on top of the housework. I’m having the carpets cleaned that morning, the plumber is calling on Wednesday to take a look at the shower to see where the problem is and the plasterer will be here on Friday. I’ve ordered a new extractor for the oven which my brother-in-law will fit. So things are moving. The children also break up for the Summer holidays (Ugh! Help!) So busy busy week for me.

Off to do some ironing. See you tomorrow for a tough Tackle it Tuesday…

My baby is one!

June 17, 2007


Happy Birthday!

 My blog that is! And by sheer coincidence, my hay fever has kicked in, too! That’s what reminded me about my first post. I was looking back at some of my early posts and thought a few of them were boring or corny. Hope that’s improved!

 Anyway, here is my Menu Plan for this week. I was thinking of putting an American influence on this weeks grub, but will save that one for another time. I kept it simple instead for an easy time in the kitchen till we all get back to normal!

 Monday ~Pasta

Tuesday~ Scrambled eggs, beans and potato waffles



Friday~The Chipper

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 While I was in America, I noticed several cars with stickers of children on the rear window, obviously notifying other drivers that there are children on board. I thought how cute they looked and wonder if any of you American viewers could tell me where I could buy one for my own car. Please leave a comment if you can help. Thanks.

     Fathers Day here in Ireland and another coincidence….DADDY WASN’T WORKING!!!  We all slept in late, still jet-lagged I think, then let Hubs lay on a little longer. I made him two toasted fried egg sandwiches (sloppy) with strong treacle-like coffee, then he retreated to the garden with Spud…

Menu Plan Monday

March 19, 2007


   I’m concentrating more on the childrens meals this week. I’m on my diet and Hubs is happy with curries, Enchiladas, Chilli-con-carne etc. (lucky him) I’ve been thinking they haven’t been eating a great deal of fruit of late, so I’ll be giving them some after each meal as well as in their packed lunches. Also replacing fruit squash with water…


 Spaghetti Bolognese

                     Homemade rice pudding (my first attempt)



  Pasta Carbonara




 Chinese omelette rolls 




Savoury Pancakes, sweetcorn and potato waffles




The Chip Shop!

Skip the fruit!



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Menu Plan Monday

January 22, 2007



   I’m  assuming it’s still Sunday with you, but it’s Monday here in the Emerald Isle and I couldn’t wait to post this. I have a busy Monday, and may not be around much. I also started my Menu Plan on Sunday, hope I won’t lose viewers for that!

So, here goes, hope you like what I’m offering:



Roast chicken, roasted potatoes, carrot & swede mash, buttered peas, bread sauce and gravy


Medallions of pork fillet, creamy mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, green pepper sauce and Brussels sprouts (just for Hubby!)


Homemade plate-meat-pie (just like my Mum used to make) carrots, cauliflower and gravy. Pics to follow.


Pasta with chorizo, tomatoes, garlic, courgette & bacon.




Vegetable beef stew! with homemade soda bread


Eating at our local Chinese Restaurant


Check out Laura’s blog for more tasty ideas!

What’s for Dinner, Mum?

January 15, 2007

*Still working on this as you are reading! In the meantime, take a look at these Chef’s tips


Children: Quiche Provencale using this pastry

They had pasta spirals with carbonara sauce!

Us: Chicken curry (Recipe and pics to follow!)    

We had Chinese Crispy Duck with fine soft noodles!


Homemade minced beef and onion pie, savoy cabbage and fresh, creamed mashed potatoes. With pics…

Children:Quiche Provencale using this ready-rolled pastry. I’ll be making this, pics to follow!

Chilli-con-carne leftovers from weekend for hubby


Children: Pasta bolognese

Us: Don’t know


Children: Scrambled eggs, beans and toast. My daughter wants to make omelettes!

Us: Not sure, looking on the net for ideas!


All of us: Beef casserole