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October 31, 2006


 HWSBO and the children are on their way home from Dublin. They’ve been ‘Trick-or Treating’ on Grandma’s road. This is another annual event where all her grandchildren meet up to party! My Mother in Law always does a good job decorating her house, while Grandad (who is a ‘few’ years older) makes himself scarce and keeps a low profile!

87 hits short of the Big 7,000!


August 8, 2006


 Its my Father-in-Laws 81st birthday today. So, when I have done my usual mundane household chores, we will head off for Dublin to his house and meet up with all the family. My Hubby is the eldest of eleven children. All will be there bar one…she lives in London and works for the BBC. We all chipped in to buy him a new plasma T.V. screen for his new conservatory. He will be delighted! 😆


August 6, 2006


I’m cooking Sunday lunch for the Out-laws to day. As if that isn’t daring enough, their sons will be dining with us who are both chefs. One criticism from anyone and I’ll FREAK!

Here’s whats on offer:

       Avocado and Prawns

served on a bed of rocket with a drizzle of Yuzu-Miso viniagrette


        Roast Leg of Lamb

Served with roasted potatoes, minted baby potatoes, roasted asparagus spears, swede and carrot mash with a rich gravy


Fresh pieces of melon, orange, grape, apple ,strawberry and raspberries with clotted cream

   Tea/Coffee and Ferrero Rocher

“Oohh, you are spoiling us Ambassador!”