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November 20, 2006

Make a memory with your children,
Spend some time to show you care;
Toys and trinkets can’t replace those
Precious moments that you share.
Money doesn’t buy real pleasure,
It doesn’t matter where you live;
Children need your own attention,
Something only you can give.
Childhood’s days pass all too quickly,
Happy memories all too few;
Plan to do that special something,
Take the time to go or do.
Make a memory with your children,
Take the time in busy days;
Have some fun while they are growing,
Show your love in gentle ways.


Follow up…

October 22, 2006


Yesterdays walk took us to Donadea Forest Park in Kildare. Its a great place for a day out. I was delighted to see extra facilities in place for the children. A tree swing, smaller tables for the little ones to picnic and a see-saw which they really loved. Again, I was without the camera and missed many opportunities for some beautiful pics. One moment in particular was a little eerie. In the area you can see in the link where there is a small hut (it’s actually a cafe) I sat there  reading a few pages of my book, I looked up at the children playing, and the light shining down through the trees was a very unusual colour, a sort of orangey-pink. Then hundreds of beech leaves from the trees swooped across quite slowly and everything went silent. It was spooky!

 There is also a  9/11 memorial plot. I picked up a leaflet from the kiosk for more info.

 ‘Sean Tallon was a young Irish American working as a firefighter for the city of New York on September 11th 2001…’

 ‘A scaled replica of the Twin Towers have been erected on a specially designed plinth bearing the official crests of the New York City emergency and rescue services carved into stone flags…..’  

 I took photos on a previous visit to the park, one of them is my header.


October 20, 2006


 *I wish I’d have had my camera this morning. My little boy (now 2) devoured a little pot of yogurt. He stuck his face in it and came up with a very messy complexion and a big grin. These are the moments I cherish. The pic here is a few months ago when he decided to look a little further into the dishwasher.

* I was wondering whether to do a full entry on ‘Why I Blog’  but then decided to add it here and keep it short.

I blog to de-clutter my head, to make friends, to keep in touch with friends, to pass my free-time, to learn about myself and to keep a diary of things which have happened…


*Plans for the rest of the day:

1. Get a shower

2. Feed myself and No.4 child

3. Go to the butchers

4. Collect No.3 child

5. Prepare vegetables for dinner

6. Collect No’s 1 and 2 from school

7. Tidy all bedrooms

8. Take No.1 to Drama class

9. Finish preparing dinner

10. Get No. 3 ready for Irish dancing

11. Collect No.1 from her class

12. Feed all children

13. Go to Irish Dancing class 6.30pm -9pm

14. Come home via off-licence for beer and wine

      ‘Hooray, it’s the weekend!’ 8_9_23.gif

Edit; Change of plan. We went to chip shop on the way home! Will tidy the bedrooms today ….


September 26, 2006


HalloweenKidsA%2Ejpg Spooky!

  I found a couple of great websites for kids at Hallowe’en. Costumes, makeup, games etc. I’ll try a few of these with the children, they are already looking forward to Hallowe’en and have decided what they want to dress up as!

 Wh-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-0!  ttghost.gif


Mums and Tums

September 7, 2006


  I call the Toddler group Mums and Tums for no other reason than I said it by accident one day and it stuck. I help run the Toddler Group in the village at the Parish Centre. Its a great hall with good facilities in a lovely setting beside our church.

 The groups Chief Whip was out of action today, so it was left to myself to open the hall, set up the stall and roll the ball………

 It’s a very popular group and children come from all around the area, not just locally.

 Last year we spent 2,000 euro on toys, games, C.D.’s books etc.  Each Mum/Carer pays 2 euro for the morning which includes refreshments..

 I’ve been going since my youngest was 2 weeks old and he’ll be two next month. It has been a great place to meet other Mums and I’ve got to know loads of people!

 Just one problem, today it was too busy! In fact it was bedlam, so noisy that some people left early….

 Just a few stragglers were left to sing and dance with the little ones.

 “If you’re happy and you know it…..

 oh, whatever!..


September 1, 2006

 I have set up a mental ‘Summer Camp Account’. I will deposit 100 euro per month to fund the girls’ Summer activities next year. No way will I go through eight weeks of feeding, entertaining, amusing, screaming, picking-up after, tidying, sleepovers……..

 I will pack them off for an action-packed Summer of various camps to keep them happy and busy. Then when they come home, they will be so tired, they will crumble into a heap and sleep. Happy days!


August 8, 2006


 Its my Father-in-Laws 81st birthday today. So, when I have done my usual mundane household chores, we will head off for Dublin to his house and meet up with all the family. My Hubby is the eldest of eleven children. All will be there bar one…she lives in London and works for the BBC. We all chipped in to buy him a new plasma T.V. screen for his new conservatory. He will be delighted! 😆


July 13, 2006

Hello. My name is Miss Lionheart and I am a computer resfiles_output.gif 

   Phew! Now, there, I said it. Denial was the problem, as always. Now I can move on with my life…….

 I’m spending too much time here on my *** and need to go off and do the things a good wife and 38 year old mother of 4 should be doing:wink:

 Last night after being on this demon for 2 and a half hours, No. 2 said, “Mummy! You never spend time with us any more!” Well, I felt ashamed. I finished chatting to a friend on MSN and came right off. The children will always come first.

 So, today I have a plan. I will do all the housework that needs to be done and take them out for a walk. It’s a lovely day here, the sun is shining and its lovely and warm. So why would I want to be here anyway (bear with me, I’m trying to convince myself there are better things than blogging!)

      I’ll put together a picnic and we will do the Riverside Walk. I’ll leave the car at home rather than drive there and conveniently leave it somewhere close for a quick escape back to Blogland.

 Breaking news……..Sophie Ellis Bextor found headbutted to death in the apartment of a French footballer.Apparently it was murder on Zidanes floor……..  

Then when we come home, I’ll prepare dinner on the patio and we’ll boogie on the decking! They’ll love that…