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How was your day?

May 5, 2007


  Mine was good. I spent two hours ironing while the children were  outside. I watched them from my bedroom playing, it’s the best way to do the ironing!

 Hubby finished work at 3 o’clock and took the children to get some Summer clothes for our trip to Disneyland. As the car pulled off the drive, I put on my trainers and went for a long walk, two hours in fact, in preparation for my Mini Marathon on June 4th. As I mentioned here, I’ll be walking it in Disneyland. (Not one to miss out on a bit of Charity money-raising!)

   The weather was just right, a slight breeze and not too warm. I walked down to the Liffey and onto the Riverside Walk and as I walked, I thought to myself, “When was the last time I was on my own for two hours?”  Probably when I was in Cuba in the hotel bedroom with a dose of the ‘Havana Squittywits’ I’d had diarrhoea and just had to be alone!

  On a particular stretch of pathway, I was in another world. The birdsong was almost deafening but what a beautiful sound. It was eerie.