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January 14, 2007

It’s always good to get the children involved with the recycling. Today we are going to the bottle bank, tomorrow we are going to the recycling centre which is two mins from our house. I intend to make this a regular ‘outing’ this year. (Spoilt brats, aren’t they!)

   Although we do have a  recycling bin which we pay for, it’s only collected once a fortnight, by which time I can hardly close it.  So, off to the recycling centre we go! The children help by having their own items to sort out into the right areas. Tetra packs, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper….

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little flowers


July 17, 2006


 I’m wearing a denim mini-skirt and have just been ordered by no.1 to put on something more appropriate. More waterfights in the garden today (Cools them down and wears them out!) 😎

I am going out to potter in my garden now. My Russian Vine is wild and needs training (so do I my sis thinks!) so I will see to that then check my beds for weeds and slugs. Then load the car with children and recycling and do my bit for Diarmuid Gavin who always insists we ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’