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Is it still bliss?

October 26, 2006

  poison.jpg   HWSBO (alias; ‘he who should be obeyed’ i.e. my husband) still remembers how I looked in 1988 when he first set eyes on me and realised I was the most perfect woman he had ever laid eyes on, apart from Brooke Shields, a very close second I may add! 

  Anyway, what is it about men? They hold onto the little things like, what I wore on a particular day, my hairstyle on a particular holiday, the perfume I wore on our honeymoon, the length of my nails when we were ‘courting’ and a b****y green dress he still wants me to wear 14 years on! “Hey! I was a size 8uk then! Get a grip!” 

   The point I’m getting at is, why then, can he not remember where the washbasket is? Where the recycling bin is? Where the G-spot is?

Need I go on?….

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