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August 29, 2006


  The girls’ school has a strong policy on ‘healthy eating’, thankfully! So they never ask for fizzy drinks or sweet snacks because they are frowned upon. This makes it easier to prepare their lunches. I am reading a four page pull-out at the moment , ‘Pack It In’ with lots of ideas for what to give children in their lunchbox.

Here are a few ideas;

*Wholemeal bread with cheese slices and tomato + 1 banana + sugar-free squash

*Pitta bread with cooked ham, low fat mayonnaise, lettuce and cucumber + orange segments + milk to drink

*Burger bun with chicken, relish, lettuce and grated carrot + dried fruit +yoghurt + water to drink

*Cooked pasta with tuna, lettuce, tomato, carrot + 2 mandarins + yoghurt + unsweetened pure fruit juice

*Salad box with cooked rice, lettuce, tomato, cheese cubed, celery sticks, carrot sticks + dried fruit + water to drink

*White roll with mashed hard boiled egg, lettuce, cucumber + handful of grapes + milk to drink

*Wholemeal bap with lean grilled rashers, tomato and sweetcorn + peach + milk to drink

*Crackers with cheese slices, sliced peppers, grated carrot + apple and orange segments + water to drink

* Cooked rice with peas, carrots and chicken pieces + dried fruit + unsweetened fruit juice

* Hummous sandwich + banana + unsweetened fruit juice

I’m going to try a few of those. I’d have to prepare them the night before, though! Another idea would be to give a Mini Milky Brioche for ‘little break’. Mmmm! St.Pierre make them and they are lovely! I had three for breakfast today 😆