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It’s getting closer…

March 3, 2007


  We’ll be off to Cuba on Monday morning (hence the music you should be able to hear) leaving the house at 3am! Ugh! That will be the worst bit, creeping around the house, trying not to wake the children. I’ve packed all of Hubby’s things, he can do his washbag.

 My swimming costume doesn’t look quite as bad on me as it did the day I tried it on for the first time. I’ve lost 3lbs and fortunately, it looks like it’s gone from my hips/bottom area. I can actually see the sides of my knickers!

 My Smart Habit this week, will be to keep to the diet where possible. I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed to take any of my ingredients to Cuba, so I’ll have to think of a way to eat good food, sensibly! Is there a way?

 Like Laura, I’m also working on the water supply. I bought 5litres of water this week and I still have three left. All my other habits are doing well and will be waiting for me when I get home.

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Smart Habits Saturday

January 27, 2007

 On the agenda today, is to ‘train’ the children into keeping their bedrooms tidy! I’ve re-organised the girls into different rooms and hopefully, the girls will look after them. I’ve explained to them that every Saturday morning, I will check each room, and the winner of the best kept room will get 5 euro. The other two will also get a treat.

 You may think 5 euro is a lot, but it’s well worth it for me not to have to tidy three bedrooms each day! I’d rather be doing something a little more rewarding!

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Smart Habits Saturday

January 20, 2007

When I first decided to jump on board Laras Smart Habits Saturday, I thought one thing at a time was a great idea, rather than making endless lists, which never get tackled! 

 I am so embarrassed about the task which awaits me today! I have allowed all sorts of rubbish to accumulate along the side of my house.

 I’d contacted the local handy-man and asked him to come over, remove the lot and pay him whatever it cost, just to get rid of the eyesore,  fast!

 Well, he came at 8.15am last Saturday and I mimed from the bedroom window that I’d ring him later. I did, he ignored the call…and all the others. Anyway, I’m on a mission today to clean it up and keep it clear. I’ll list exactly what’s there. You won’t believe it!

 Hubby is off work today, so he’ll be helping me.  And we’ll be saving the cash I was willing to pay the handy-man!

Hubs loaded the following into his works’ van:

A scooter, small bike, 4 bags of Christmas rubbish, the green plastic tray you can see went back to his workplace, 7 tins of paint went to the recycling centre with four cardboard boxes and three plastic milk containers.  The local cat community had ripped a bag open so Hubs bleached the path.

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SMART Habit Saturday is all about making one small change in your life at a time. Pick one daily habit that you want to start, post about it (please link back to The Lazy Organizer) and then leave your *link here so that we can all check up on your progress and give encouragement! Next week you can post an update and a new SMART Habit or just keep working on this week’s habit for 21 days. Don’t forget it takes 21 days to make a new habit so you’re not off the hook at the end of one week. Keep working on it!


January 14, 2007

It’s always good to get the children involved with the recycling. Today we are going to the bottle bank, tomorrow we are going to the recycling centre which is two mins from our house. I intend to make this a regular ‘outing’ this year. (Spoilt brats, aren’t they!)

   Although we do have a  recycling bin which we pay for, it’s only collected once a fortnight, by which time I can hardly close it.  So, off to the recycling centre we go! The children help by having their own items to sort out into the right areas. Tetra packs, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper….

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