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God, give me strength…

February 26, 2008
The only way I’ll get through the day is by airing my dirty laundry in public…

Call back later to check on my heart condition progress…

Tackle it Tuesday

September 25, 2007

“I’ll be back!”….

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Packing again…

July 10, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 I really have my work cut out today. I’m off to England with the children for a few days on Thursday morning. Hubby can’t make it, he has a BIG wedding on this weekend in Limerick.

 Once a year, I meet up with my siblings for a good old shindig. This year, we meet up in my hometown in Lancashire. I am really looking forward to it!

So I need to~

  • Do some washing

  • Ironing

  • Pack for all of us

  • Make sure Hubby has Chef uniforms for the next few days

  • Food for Hubby

  • Cook a joint of beef

  • Find passport

  • Driving Licence

  • Building society book

  • Directions to hotel

  • Confirmation of hotel booking

  •  HSS booking confirmation

  • Put some childrens clothes in a bag for charity

  • Clean the fridge

  • De-clutter my wardrobe

And anything else I can think of before we leave. I’ll have a busy day tomorrow, too. I’m taking the children to Tricky Tricksters new indoor playground. I’m meeting up with other Mums from the Toddler Group. So I need to do as much as possible today. I’ll use the post as a ticklist !

Update: As the day went on, I did more and added to the list!

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Tackle it Tuesday

June 26, 2007



Tackle It Tuesday


 Because the extractor fan above the oven hasn’t been working for months, the inside of my oven is full of grease. In fact, it’s THICK with grease. This weeks tackle is the hardest one yet. I knew it would be a toughie, that’s why I’ve been putting it off for so long….

 I asked Hubby to bring home some industrial strength cleaner and a pair of heavy-duty gloves. We got to work. I had to open the windows and doors, this stuff is powerful.

AFTER~ Safe to use!

Tackle it Tuesday

June 18, 2007

  I thought I’d be able to give Spud’s hair a quick trim without upsetting him too much. So I put one of his favourite T.V. programmes on, gave him a packet of cheese snacks and hoped for the best… 





Well, he wasn’t very happy about it at all and the haircut is on hold for another little while…

P.S. The Sheraton bathtowel is rightfully mine!

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February 27, 2007

  My head is stuffed with things I have to do before our trip to Cuba at the weekend.

Firstly, I have to do…

1. A  tick-list of things to pack.

2. Instructions and emergency telephone numbers for the childminder.

3. Shopping for food.

4. Iron all the clothes and uniforms needed for next week. P.E. kits/Irish Dancing outfits and gymnastics kit. Lay out on our bed.

5. Find another taxi to bring the children to and from their activities as ‘Taxi Mum’ won’t be around 

6. Menu Planner!

7. Inform the school secretary of who will be collecting the children and give her number in case of emergency.

To be continued!…..

The Microwave

February 12, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


  With 5MinsforMom my housework has come on really well. The jobs I detest are not a problem any more. I simply take a photo of the ‘before’ do the deed and post an ‘after’ 

 I have so many things to tackle this week, I  probably have ten or so to do today, but I’ll just do the one!






  We are taking a break, Hubby and I and I need to sort out lots of nooks and crannies because a friend of his, is minding our four children while we are away. I should clear out more clutter and give the house a good ‘bottoming’ for my own piece of mind. It would be handy if she was a little short-sighted because there is so much to do!

Tackle It Tuesday

January 29, 2007

                        Tackle It Tuesday Meme


 My laundry room is the pits! I have several areas in the house which need attention, but thought I should work on this one first. For the simple reason, I can’t open the door properly! It’s a very small room and needs to be kept clutter-free! Looks like a big job, but only took me half an hour!

Tackling clutter

January 15, 2007

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 My cupboards have  always been full of clutter. But, I must admit, that my New Years’ Resolution of de-cluttering is on the move, albeit a bit slow.


 I have a terrible habit of putting things into the nearest place, rather than the most practical place. So the clutter builds up. I tackled it, much to the pleasure of my 4 children, who during the cleaning-out process, found a place to hide!

 Two up-two down…

Eventually, after much frivolity, the task was completed…

 How long will it stay like this?


Tackling packed lunches

January 9, 2007

                  Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 This is a task I really and truly hate dislike doing.  I wrote a a complete blog on Packed Lunches  and deleted it due to ‘lack of interest’. Maybe you can help. I’m always struggling on what to put into the girls’ lunchboxes, without having to buy too much of anything. Fruit I buy at the weekend, so only lasts till Wednesday before the kids say, “Yuk!” to wrinkly grapes and pale apples.

  The three girls will all eat jam sandwiches, spread thinly with the crusts off, I also buy cereal bars, raisins, yogurts, popcorn and occasionally crisps or Quavers (Fridays only).  I find it a real task to prepare each day, (always during homework time, because I won’t bother  till the morning if I don’t do it then.) 

  Anyway, for the time being, I involved my youngest girl tonight and she helped me with her own little ticklist!  I made a list of what was on offer and she asked her sisters to tick their choice. (I can’t do that every day!)

 Ticklist is stuck on the tiles!

 Then she placed all the ticked items into the correct lunchboxes! She really enjoyed this little bit of responsibility which made her feel so grown up.

 At last!  Done > fridge>happy Mummy>sorted!

p.s. It still could do with a bit more help tackling! Please help with your ideas for tasty, healthy options.