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Another day out

April 27, 2007

 The sun is shining here in Kildare, and I just have to get out with the children very soon. If the eldest jumps on the computer, we could be staying in! A record-breaking hot Summer has been reported and I’m hoping this is the start of it. Having good weather and having children are a great combination!

  Another reason we need to get out, is that my wonderful cleaner will be here soon, and I wouldn’t want us to be in the way. She comes once a fortnight now, to do the jobs I hate. And anyway, I’d rather spend time in the sun with my children than clean toilets and wash floors! A quick tidy up and off we’ll go…

 As I was writing this, Pencil and Spud have just gone outside with their breakfast, putting our new patio furniture to good use already.

 And it tastes better, too!