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Walking in Orlando

May 2, 2007


  I was asked if I wanted to do the Flora Woman’s Mini Marathon next month to raise money for the The Punchestown Kidney Research Fund.

 As a person who will do anything for charity, I jumped at the chance and started to get sponsors straight away. The card was filling up nicely, then I noticed the date, June 4th! I’ll be in Disneyland!

  After a little thought and deliberation, I have decided to do the walk around Disneyland. I calculated I’d need to walk for two hours at a steady pace to complete 7 miles. I’ll do it wearing Mickey Mouse ears!

Who’s the boss in this house?

October 21, 2006


I’ve just been handed an agenda for the day by my 10yr old. She says I have to get off the computer and have some family time! So the plan is, to go for a walk by the river, collect leaves for her Nature Table in the classroom, visit the local cafe for a drink (bet they get chocolate brownies, too) play a few games down by the well and come back home just in time for tea.

 Its a perfect Autumn day for a walk and I’m looking forward to it!

 She and her little brother (another budding chef?) made ‘Bubble and Squeak’ patties this morning. I thought they were very tasty, but they are still sitting on the kitchen table…