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Housework is healthy

January 2, 2007


 I was looking at Shirley Buxtons blog and thought I would be doing you all a favour by passing on some important info.  Housework and Breast Cancer opened my eyes and I thought ‘Even more reason to keep on top of the housework!’



July 5, 2006

I had a wake-up call today. A scare really. After finding a lump in my neck and waiting for results, I was told by the sonographer, I have a goitre, a cyst on my thyroid.

It’s very big, but not uncomfortable. The Doc says, that unless it grows much more, then it needn’t be operated on. Well, you can all imagine my great relief that it wasn’t anything more serious. Talk about planning ahead! Who would mind the children? How many people would come to my funeral? What songs would be played? Would my husband manage a day off work? So many questions…..

 One of my first ‘articles’ on ‘My Life in the Emerald Isle’ was called ‘Does ‘He’ Exist?’ where I question His reasons for taking my Mum and brother. Well I’m here with my proverbial tail between my proverbial legs, because I believe He was with me today, and my Mum was beside Him, saying “Nooo, not yet! Don’t send her up, she’s bloody hard work!!!!”