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One pot cooking

September 15, 2006

I’ve bought a very handy little book called ‘Lets Cook One Pot’ by Sarah Green. On the menu tonight Bourguinonne of Chicken. ‘A recipe based on a classic French dish’. I served it with crusty French bread. It was good



August 29, 2006


  The girls’ school has a strong policy on ‘healthy eating’, thankfully! So they never ask for fizzy drinks or sweet snacks because they are frowned upon. This makes it easier to prepare their lunches. I am reading a four page pull-out at the moment , ‘Pack It In’ with lots of ideas for what to give children in their lunchbox.

Here are a few ideas;

*Wholemeal bread with cheese slices and tomato + 1 banana + sugar-free squash

*Pitta bread with cooked ham, low fat mayonnaise, lettuce and cucumber + orange segments + milk to drink

*Burger bun with chicken, relish, lettuce and grated carrot + dried fruit +yoghurt + water to drink

*Cooked pasta with tuna, lettuce, tomato, carrot + 2 mandarins + yoghurt + unsweetened pure fruit juice

*Salad box with cooked rice, lettuce, tomato, cheese cubed, celery sticks, carrot sticks + dried fruit + water to drink

*White roll with mashed hard boiled egg, lettuce, cucumber + handful of grapes + milk to drink

*Wholemeal bap with lean grilled rashers, tomato and sweetcorn + peach + milk to drink

*Crackers with cheese slices, sliced peppers, grated carrot + apple and orange segments + water to drink

* Cooked rice with peas, carrots and chicken pieces + dried fruit + unsweetened fruit juice

* Hummous sandwich + banana + unsweetened fruit juice

I’m going to try a few of those. I’d have to prepare them the night before, though! Another idea would be to give a Mini Milky Brioche for ‘little break’. Mmmm! St.Pierre make them and they are lovely! I had three for breakfast today 😆


August 26, 2006


 I always try to give the children something a little more interesting for breakfast than a bowl of cereal! They love homemade pancakes (weekends only!) crumpets and cooked breakfasts. Hubs only ever has breakfast on the very rare occasion or when we are on holiday.

 We visited relatives in New York in 1992 and were very impressed with the selection of breakfast items available in cafes. We had waffles with maple syrup and a neverending cup of coffee most mornings while we were there. I can’t remember the names of any of the places we dined in, so decided to look on the Internet where I came across this video. We are in the catering business (I still manage functions as and when I’m needed) and I just love to watch a chef at work.