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So much to do, so little time…

June 19, 2007


 My head is so full of ‘stuff’.  I have a list as long as my arm starting with household ‘chores’ (being the most appropriate word for it!)

  I’m feeling so overwhelmed. I have the little boy I mind full-time today, three school runs, a mountain of ironing, the Toddler Group in the morning of which I need to type up a newsletter of Summer activities while we take a break, the Residents monthly meeting later in the week of which I have somehow become Chairperson….HELP!

 On top of all that, the water from the shower ran down to the lounge and some plaster has fallen off. Belle had a nosebleed and her carpet needs cleaning (any tips for blood on carpet? This doesn’t work) My cream leather sofas aren’t cream any more, our recently repainted home has many grubby little fingerprints on the ‘Antique Ivory ‘ painted walls, the dishwasher has become temperamental, the extractor fan above the oven hasn’t worked for weeks and the cupboard doors and tiles are very greasy. But, wait for the worst bit…

My cleaner has gone back to Poland!!!!

But this cheered me up!

My baby is one!

June 17, 2007


Happy Birthday!

 My blog that is! And by sheer coincidence, my hay fever has kicked in, too! That’s what reminded me about my first post. I was looking back at some of my early posts and thought a few of them were boring or corny. Hope that’s improved!

 Anyway, here is my Menu Plan for this week. I was thinking of putting an American influence on this weeks grub, but will save that one for another time. I kept it simple instead for an easy time in the kitchen till we all get back to normal!

 Monday ~Pasta

Tuesday~ Scrambled eggs, beans and potato waffles



Friday~The Chipper

Back to the Junkie for more MPM’s

 While I was in America, I noticed several cars with stickers of children on the rear window, obviously notifying other drivers that there are children on board. I thought how cute they looked and wonder if any of you American viewers could tell me where I could buy one for my own car. Please leave a comment if you can help. Thanks.

     Fathers Day here in Ireland and another coincidence….DADDY WASN’T WORKING!!!  We all slept in late, still jet-lagged I think, then let Hubs lay on a little longer. I made him two toasted fried egg sandwiches (sloppy) with strong treacle-like coffee, then he retreated to the garden with Spud…

I want one!

May 12, 2007

The iPod 

 iPod in DockI’m not exactly sure what it is, but I want one. I want to be hip, up-to-date and cool…

This link here will keep you busy for a little while, I found lots of interesting stuff there. I also fell on this which I also find interesting. It made me wonder just how long blogging will be a craze. How long will I blog for? How many years? Will I always want to blog? Mmm… I wonder.

  I love blogging and learning how to do things by trial and error. The one thing I’ve struggled with though, is wrapping text around a pic. Well lookie here! I did it without even trying.

The Lovely Litterbug!

April 28, 2007

 While we were in the park today, standing beside the swans, ducks and brand new ducklings, I was approached by a lady who noticed we hadn’t brought any bread to give to the birds. She took about 10 slices of bread out of the bag and handed it to Spud and said, “There you go, little one, feed the ducks!” I was taken aback at this ladies thoughtfulness, she’d brought the bread to feed the ducks herself. We thanked her and off she went, leaving this…….

Well, we can’t all be perfect!

Taking it easy

April 7, 2007

               Enough of all that organising! Having a rest today, I’ll  be here for a while surfing and blog-hopping until the children ask , “What are we doing today?” (Must put parcel tape over their mouths!)

  I would have loved to have gone away this weekend, but hubby only has Sunday off. Who would have fed him? A few days in Donegal would have gone down well. My sisters invited me over to England for a couple of nights next week, but as some of you may know, I mind a little boy full-time, and couldn’t go.

  I pulled out of the organising challenge over at Organising Junkie for a couple of reasons. The first, the weather is just too good to be inside de-cluttering, if I’m outside in the garden or playing/walking with the children I feel better and happier and the house is staying tidy if we aren’t in it. Secondly, I should do that stuff when the children are in school and I can get stuck in without any interference!

  Reading Scorched Earth last night brought back memories of my Mum at Easter time. We were always given the biggest and best eggs at Easter,the kind you only dream of! Until we got older where she would just give us the money in a card. I’m not a big chocolate person, anyway although wine and chocolate do go very well together!

smart-703858.jpgA pet hate of mine is to see childrens bikes, scooters and prams littering the estate. So, before we go off each day, even if it’s only to the shop or for a little walk, we’ll bring ours into the garden. I mean, I would hate for anyone to accuse us of being messy!

Go here for more Smart Habitters!

Enjoy your day!

Happy Mothers Day!

March 18, 2007


     I had breakfast in bed with lots of goodies!  Hubby cooked me poached eggs, low-fat sausages, spinach, parma ham, toast with low-fat margerine and a large cup of Nescafe with 1/3 tsp sugar and slimline milk. It was delicious. The girls then gave me M&S flowers in a bag, chocolate hearts and a chocolate flowerpot (can’t wait to scoff nibble on those)


Tackling clutter

January 15, 2007

 Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 My cupboards have  always been full of clutter. But, I must admit, that my New Years’ Resolution of de-cluttering is on the move, albeit a bit slow.


 I have a terrible habit of putting things into the nearest place, rather than the most practical place. So the clutter builds up. I tackled it, much to the pleasure of my 4 children, who during the cleaning-out process, found a place to hide!

 Two up-two down…

Eventually, after much frivolity, the task was completed…

 How long will it stay like this?



January 14, 2007

It’s always good to get the children involved with the recycling. Today we are going to the bottle bank, tomorrow we are going to the recycling centre which is two mins from our house. I intend to make this a regular ‘outing’ this year. (Spoilt brats, aren’t they!)

   Although we do have a  recycling bin which we pay for, it’s only collected once a fortnight, by which time I can hardly close it.  So, off to the recycling centre we go! The children help by having their own items to sort out into the right areas. Tetra packs, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper….

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little flowers

Need help blogging?

January 7, 2007

Here’s a site to help my blogging friends, not that you need help of course  Eusa Silenced 

 101 Blogging Basics 

Not again!

December 27, 2006


 We were watching T.V. last night (myself and the children) and the bloody darn Christmas tree lights blew. There was a run of about 20 lights left to decorate a 7ft tree. 

 So, plan of action…

 Strip the tree and tweak the lights before Hubs gets home from work. Taking everything off the tree was easy enough, the kids loved that bit. Taking the 4 sets of lights off without getting them tangled together was a nightmare. That was 5pm yesterday, the lights are still in the kitchen wrapped around the kitchen chairs awaiting a tweak…