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Lamb Leftovers

September 5, 2007


Tasty Leftover Lamb 

Not  great pics, but I tasted the sauce with a morsel of lamb and I will make it again! I actually tweaked the recipe a lot! I used extra mushrooms, sweet sherry instead of dry, cornflour instead of flour, omitted the dill and used mixed herbs and left out pimento. Chef asked if I would make it with chicken next time. I think he’s right. Chicken works better with cheese!

Menu Planner Monday

January 28, 2007



Roast beef, mashed carrot & swede, roasted parsnips, roast potatoes and gravy


Macaroni cheese for the children, Chicken Kiev, baked potatoes and peas for us


Fry-up for all.


Mum’s Steak Canadienne teacakes (pics to follow)

Slightly based on this recipe!


Leftovers (I’m cleaning the fridge out!)


Beef Casserole


Making our own pizzas

   I’ve never made macaroni cheese before (recipes welcome) so that will be a little challenge! The fry-up is just  a breakfast really. I have all the ingredients waiting to be used up. Mum’s Steak Canadienne teacakes!  Thin slices of beef grilled with onions on a toasted teacake (bread roll). I’m from a part of Lancashire, England where a bread roll is called a teacake.

Earthpal will be laughing at this!

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Last nights Risotto (with pics)

January 9, 2007

 I’d included Risotto in my Menu Planner. I should have checked to see how much was in the bag! Not enough for four hungry children, but fortunately No.3 decided against it when she saw the peas and opted for a tin of Heinz Macaroni cheese!

What I threw in

Small amount of arborio rice

An onion

Chicken stock

Chicken leftovers from Sunday dinner

Frozen peas

Vegetable oil

Garlic puree

Pinch of salt /one grind of black pepper

Here’s a tip my neighbour told me. Most children don’t like the texture of pieces of onion, so blend it. So I did.


The secret of a good risotto is adding the right amount of stock.I added too much and had to drain some away. Add in three / four parts till stock is absorbed. The final consistency is the trick.

 (I must buy I new wok!)

 All ingredients are in now.

Heat through ……

 and serve…